Starting Point

First establish in 1976 under the name "Wichai Lohakit" doing the metal work such as steel door, curved steel and mosquito screen. After then, we have hired from a customer to install the roller shutter. After that, with good work, there are many customer in term of roller shutters. At that time, we were just a retailer, not producer. However, in end, we learned to assemble by ourselves in order to decrease the cost.

Turning Point

When we have better knowledge about roller shutters and the other product lines such as steel door, curved steel and mosquito screen have lower quantity of order comparing to roller shutter. We decided to abandon of selling them and turn to pay more important to roller shutter alone. We developed ourselves to be a mini manufacturer and change the name to "V.C. Shutters" Then, there was a Taiwanese presented himself to be as supplier. This was the first time we import the product from outside country.

Roller Shutter business

When the business began to grow bigger, there would be more and more machine being used. It needed to registered as a company. Also, we were an expertise on the power system. So, we changed to name to "V.C. Autoshutters Company Limited.

Thinking outside the Box

The company began to be one of the leaders in the roller shutter market in Thailand. With long experience and the innovative ideas, we come up with new design of roller shutters. The company imports high quality goods and material from various countries from Europe and Asia in order to improve the beauty and functionality of roller shutters.