EURO Drive Motors

CODE Weight Lift Torque Shaft Speed
KW05-13-24KE 250-500kg 130Nm 5" 24Rpm
KW20-22-24KE 500-750kg 220Nm 6" 24Rpm
KD30-40-24KE 750-1000kg 400Nm 8" 24Rpm
KD50-75-24KE 1000-2000kg 750Nm 10" 24Rpm
KD60-100-24KE 2000-3000kg 1000Nm 12"-14" 24Rpm
KD70-165-24KE 3000-4500kg 1650Nm 12"-16" 24Rpm
Direct drive motor. By the wear on the motor shaft. Power transmission fully. Reduce friction and noise. System limit 2 layer. Adjustable 3 position. Emergency chain hoist And switch off the lights automatically when in use. Work cycle S3-60% ED, Noisiness <70dB (A), IP54. Centrifugal braking parachute. Cogs within the motor. Immediately when locked weighs. Strong and long lifetime.

EURO Drive Motors : KW05-13-24KE