Potential of Company


V.C.Autoshutters.co, LTD imports variety of products and raw materials from many parts of the world, such as Germany, Spain, Italy, Taiwan, and China. In addition, the company selects only products and raw materials that meet with high standard and high quality in the purpose of innovative home protection.


Our products are produced from high standard imported machines from oversea, mainly Germany and China. Additionally, the products will be designed and produced based on the suitability of each house in order to create the best appearance of home protection. Thus the shutters will be perfectly installed with the sites compares to the pre-installed shutters.

Installation Design

Before each installation, our installation design team will investigate and evaluate construction sites to ensure that shutters will be best posited with houses. This is to create the best look of home protection.


Installation will be operated by high experienced installation team equipped with imported special tools from Italy and Germany for the purpose of advanced installation (Speed level, Torque level, and Acceleration). With special tools, shutters will be able to get the right speed and the right working system that depends on construction sites. Normally, mechanics can set shutter working system in basic or default only.