Nice Radio Transmitter

The NiceWay System is based on a number of
transmiter modules that can be placed in
4 different holder modules to create
a flexible range of
made-to-measure solutions.


Designed and developed by an Italian. Leader in the design. International Design Excellence Award from the Academy.
There are a variety of styles and colors to choose from.

Power supply (Vdc)
3Vdc with 1 lithium battery CR2032
Bettery life > 2 years with 10 events/day
Frequency 433.92 MHz +/- 100 KHz
Protection IP40
Average range 200m in a free field, 35m indoors
Coding 52Bits rolling code
Dimensions/Weight 41x41x10mm, 14g
WM001C Control 1 Command
WM003C Control 3 Commands
WM009C Control 9 Commands
WM003C1G Control 3 Commands and 1 Open-Stop-Close group
WM001G Control 1 Open-Stop-Close group
WM002G Control 2 Open-Stop-Close groups
WM003G Control 3 Open-Stop-Close groups
WM006G Control 6 Open-Stop-Close groups
WM004G Control 4 Open-Stop-Close groups and Climate sensor
WM080G Control 80 Open-Stop-Close groups
WM240C Control 240 commands

Mini cover

Made of high quality rubber bumpers.
Available in several colors. For carrying out place.
Enter your pocket. Comes with a strap. To take many forms.

Portable and Wall mounted

The front surface is glossy plastic.
The rear tires to slip grip and fell.
With the panel attached to the wall with a special magnet.


Square wall plate

Used as a wireless switch with 3x3-inch size.
The ultra slim design of only 1 cm.
Wall with two screws or glue.

Table-top supports

Made of high quality rubber bumpers.
Extra large. Easily visible and up to date.
Add elegance to the living room. Or dining table.