SOMMER Radio Control

2/4 channels receiver in Housing
Programmable in 3 mode, Multivotiage input

3 programmable relay control commands to the N/O
and N/C. Power supply for both 24V or 230V.

4 channels transmitter
with stainless steel cover

Technology the highest security FM868.8 MHz 66 Bits.
With stainless steel frame with a pad.

30 channels transmitter
With CR123A battery

Transmission distance of 50 meters, large buttons,
easy to Using. Can be placed outside.
Degree of protection IP64.


2 channels receiver board
2 Relays, Multivoltage input

Command relay N / O using many types.
Using connected to motor via the control box.

2 channels transmitter board
with CR2450 battery and control bpard mounting

As for the wireless switch.
Transmission distance of 25 meters use batteries CR2450.

12 channels password transmitter
with CR123A battery and aluminium wall support

Transmission distance of 50 meters with an aluminum
frame for extended wall. Set a password up to 8-digit
level of protection IP64.