Motor repairing center.

The company has qualified technicians ready to help with a roller door motor repair and service. Moreover, there will be a special discount for customers who purchase a motor from our company.


The company will send the product by private transport company. However, for the urgent cast, we will drive to the destination and charge the customer by the number of kilometer.


We have the expertise to install a security Roller Shutters, Security Roller Shutter Blinds, Gate motor and other related. Also, we will have warranty for our work.


You can consult for the degisn and site preparation such as wiring, box design and ceiling level. We are extremely pleased to be such a co-worker in order to make a customer's house perfect.

New products development.

The company opens for new ideas. If customers have the innovative ideas based on the company's main products, we will use our experience to help making it possible. (We reserve the right to not accpt of the the job risk of harm.)