Heavy Duty Shutters


Extra large roller shutters using special welding thick steel. And installing a measuring accuracy to support weight up to 4 tons. Reduces wear of roller shutters degrees up and down while work. The company has expertise more than 30 years. You can be assured that the Extra large roller shutters of us, have the highest safety and standards.

Security Material

The panel is made of steel zinc thickness of 1.6 mm. Can install a roller shutters up to 20 meters in width. Bottom size 3 inch has a very strong advantage. Motorized Specialty. Double chain system high safety.

Color & Specification

Super Jumbo Single curve (Zinc)

#16 thickness 1.60mm

Special Feature

Heavy Duty Shutters can be installed at a width of up to 20 meters without central rail. For more space usage. Extra strength resist the wind in case of heavy rain.

The device specification

  • Panel: Super Jumbo Single curve thickness of 1.60 mm.
  • Bottom: 3" steel angle.
  • Rail: Zinc steel rail size 25 cm.
  • Frame: Flat steel plate extra large.
  • Axle: Axle Ø 16" - 20"
  • Motor: ShutteX CM3-2000S, support the weight up to 4,000 kg.

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