Curtain operator system

ชุดมอเตอร์ม่านลากจูง ShutteX
รุ่น SilentCAT ขนาด 50Kg 100-240v
20cm/s มีรีโมทในตัว
  Main Voltage
100-240 Vac / 50-60Hz
0.15 Amp
13 Watts
  Motor Voltage
24 Vdc
  Max. Curtain weight
50 Kgs
  Running speed
20 cm/s
  Running time
20 Min
  Max. travel lenght
12 Meters
  Working noise
With just one click >>>
Single control, Double-control and 15 Double-controls
Each control with 20 receivers at most
Power supply: 1 unit 3V battery; CR2450
Service life of battery: >3 years
Emission distance: 200 meters outdoor / 35 meters indoor
Emission Frequency: 433.92MHz
Dimension: 130mm x 44mm x 10.5mm
A high-tech click

Advance design and cutting-edge functions
or curtain system.
Manages up to 15 Double-controls (30 Motors)
even could control two
layers of curtain at the same time.
A timer-programmer function

Lets you decide when and how you want to
activate curtain systems. You can program
curtains to operate even while you are away from
home, giving to potential intruders
the impression that somebody is always in.