GEIGER Tubular motor

Designed specifically for Roller Shutters. Maximum strength gear system. No plastic components
Soft Protection 19-75kg 10-40Nm 105-220W 16Rpm
Easy 56-93kg 30-50Nm 180-220W 12-16Rpm
Various 56-75kg 30-40Nm 180-220W 12-16Rpm
COM 75kg 40Nm 220W 16Rpm
MOR 75-93kg 40-50Nm 180-220W 12-16Rpm

Hand crank gear for Roller shutters

Bevel gear 4:1 loading 15kg

For the maximum weight 25kg
Free-wheel break spring Spring lock automatically when closed end.
Easy to operate The simplest model with labor-saving specials.
Left/Right installationThe gear designed specifically for installation on both sides.
Efficiency 0.81 Efficiency to 81% which the general efficiency of only 50%.

456F003 Bevel gear 4:1 Left
456F004 Bevel gear 4:1 Right

Worm gear 8:1 loading 30 kg

For the maximum weight 40 kg
End stop Automatic locking system when the closed end.
Aluminium alloy Body made of aluminum alloy.
Universally applicable Installed on both the left and right.
Maximum heavy duty The maximum strength of all the components.

460F002 Bevel gear 8:1