Industrial Motors

ShutteX is specifically designed for industrial usage, which focuses on safety and stability of speed. It is design for both house and industrial use that required high standard of motor system.

Master Limit

In case of motor limit does not work, this system will shut down the motor.

Safety Lock

In case of chain breaking, this safety lock system will lock motor gear immediately to prevent falling shutter doors.

Flexible Joint

Axis and gear are flexible to each other. This is to create a solution for chain disorder problem.

Huge Barring

Huge barring creates longer time of usage, and could prevent barring breaking problem.

Safety Switch

Switch control system can be set in both automatic and semi-automatic.

Emergercy Chain

In case of blackout or power outage, shutter doors can be operate through this system.

Biticino switch

Interior switch that is designed to use as in-house switch.
CODE Volt Torque Watt Speed Weight lifting Shaft
CM2-350H 220V 206Nm 370W 8.0Rpm 350kg 5"
CM2-500SH 220V 322Nm 550W 7.8Rpm 500kg 5"
CM2-900SH 220V 695Nm 700W 7.0Rpm 900kg 6"
CM3-1500S 380V 1617Nm 1000W 5.2Rpm 1500kg 8"
CM3-2000S 380V 2450Nm 1000W 3.6Rpm 2000kg 10"