High Safety Factory Roller Shutters


Extra size of roller shutters that required high technical skill of welding thick steel. Moreover, in order to make perfect level of installation that would create the minimal depreciation, the installation team required to have high experience and skill. V.C.Autoshutters.co, LTD has been in the roller shutters industry for more than 30 years, thus you can be sure that our heavy-duty roller shutters come with great safety and high quality.

Security Material

Shutter lines are produced from zinc steel with the thickness of 0.42mm-1.6mm. It is able to use as shop houses doors, factory doors, and large manufacture doors.

Color & Specification

Single curve (Gray/Cream)

#23 thick 0.42mm
#22 thick 0.60mm

Large Single curve (Gray/Cream)

#20 thick 0.9mm
#19 thick 1.00mm
#18 thick 1.20mm

Super Jumbo Single curve (Zinc)

#16 thick 1.60mm


Wind hole pattern

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Grilled shutter design

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Grilled shutter pattern

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Special Feature

The size of Heavy-duty roller shutter is maximal at the width of 20meters, without separation in the middle. This is to create larger usage area with the optimal safety.


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