Grilled Security Roller Shutters

ประตูม้วน ประตูม้วน

The product is designed for the need of translucency that allows outside atmosphere to pass through. It also can use as show room doors that needed to show things inside. The size of cover box starts from 30 X 30cm or hide shutter rolls on attic ceiling in order to make the better look of shutters.

Security Material

There are three main components to produce this product. First is 1.0mm steel pipe, this component is the main component of the product. Other two components are 0.75mm coating steel pipe and 3.0mm coating ring steel.

Color & Specification
PG80WB 80mm Brick pattern/White
PG80WC 80mm Chain pattern/White
PG100WB 100mm Brick pattern/White
PG100WC 100mm Chain pattern/White

Special Feature

PG shutters model is designed to fulfill the need of home protection with air flow characteristic. Thus it would allow people to enjoy environment around with safety.

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Device compatible with Security Roller Shutter Blinds